Singing bowl sound meditation

Singing bowl sound meditation

The sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls invoke a meditative state of deep relaxation which can help to release and dissolve stress in the body, heart and mind. In this way balance can be restored within the physical and energetic body.

For the singing bowl meditation I use a selection of seventeen different singing bowls from Nepal. During the session they are sounded simultaneously on and next to the body. Each bowl vibrates with a unique composition of different frequencies. These are traditionally associated with specific planets, organs and energy centers (Chakras).

I offer the Singing bowl sound meditation in Luxemburg. For an appointment please contact me via the contact form.

The duration of this sound journey is approximately two hours, which includes preparation and relaxation time.

Investment: € 200
Travel expenses for home visit: 50 Cents/km

On request, I also offer a combination of consultation followed by sound meditation.