"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - The little Prince


During my studies at university my interest in the connections between body and mind was sparked. As I began my specialist training as a medical doctor in internal medicine and cardiology, I was introduced to Ayurveda. The wisdom contained within this ancient healing system fascinated me deeply. This drove me to participate in a whole array of training courses and retreats that explored holistic methods of healing. I became deeply inspired and began shifting my focus more and more from disease and illness towards health and well-being. Especially with Ayurveda, many of the traditional applications and recommendations serve to help maintain and promote a vital, healthy life and to cleanse the individual on a physical, mental and emotional level. Through observation as well as through personal experience, it became evident to me that abiding by these simple measures and ways of living often (as a „side effect“) lead to a decrease in complaints, symptoms and illnesses. In fact, the latter often disappear completely.

Fascinated and inspired by these experiences, I continue to study and explore holistic approaches from all over the world with great enthusiasm. Upon closer inspection, in their essence most holistic approaches do not differ significantly from one another and convey very simple principles of life. The healing arts and wisdom of the indigenous peoples are particularly dear to me, as they remind us of how important it is to be and live in loving harmony with ourselves, nature and our fellow human beings. BEING healthy and FEELING healthy is therefore not a question of age or individual diagnoses alone, but rather an expression of love, joy, gratitude, trust, and flexibility on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

It is in this very essence that I would like to advise, hold space for and support people. I see myself as a bridge builder between the impressive findings of modern medicine and the beautiful, timeless wisdom of the traditional healing arts. In addition to my specialist training and years of experience as a doctor in a clinic, different holistic perspectives, some of which I have briefly listed below, help me in accomplishing this.

Love, gratitude, joy, and trust

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Since this is the essence of my work, I would first of all like to address these words. Practically all wisdom traditions convey the meaning of these terms and inspire us to not only regard them as a concept, but rather to experience, live and incorporate them into our thinking, acting and being. The wonder of creation, nature and so much more remind us that within these words lies the key to peace, happiness, and meaning of life. With love, gratitude, and trust in our heart as well as a humorous spirit, we can master many challenges (often in an amazingly easy way).


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The traditional Indian art of healing, "Ayurveda", is literally translated from Sanskrit as life (ayus) and knowledge (veda), and describes a holistic view and way of life. This has been used and taught for thousands of years and like everything in life, it is constantly evolving. During my Ayurveda training we were advised to "observe and think in attributes", which describes this respectful and humble approach very nicely. Maintaining an observing attitude is not so much about understanding, but rather about recognising and feeling. All life processes appear in constant change and can be seen as flowing energy. A closer look at the elements (air, fire, water, and earth) reveals this. In order to make recommendations and promote a healthy balance, in the language of Ayurveda the attributes of the elements are also represented in the so-called Doshas (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha) and observing them is transferred to life processes. Furthermore "Agni" describes the principle of digestive fire and "Bala" the principles of strength, vitality, stamina and immunity. Here it is important to mention, that EVERYTHING is considered as a whole. Therefore, for example, physical or mental blockages/toxins (="Aam") affect all other "systems" and can manifest themselves in different ways. The ingenuity of Ayurveda and other traditional holistic healing arts lies in the fact that many approaches primarily serve health and promote the flow of energy ("Prana") as well as support „self-healing" and purification on all levels (physical, mental, and emotional) instead of just fighting against unwholesome conditions or persisting in this struggle.


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In addition to the teachings of Ayurveda, which is known to work a lot with plant remedies, plants have always been used and revered in practically all cultures not only as food, but also for their healing purposes or to maintain health. In many wisdom traditions including classical Ayurveda, traditional european naturopathy and indigenous amazonian medicine practices, the different plants are viewed individually according to their properties, nature and „spirit“. These can then be used in a very targeted manner to bring disharmony back into balance and to cleanse or strengthen body and mind. It is therefore not surprising that many drugs in modern medicine stem from and are derived from herbal medicine. However, naturopathy cannot only be reduced to the intake of plants, but it also recommends, among other things, to get in touch with nature and the elements. This can be done very easily, for example, by walking in the woods, swimming in a lake, gazing at the stars or observing animals or plants. In doing this, it is important to be aware that we are also part of nature.

Nutrition and fasting

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Nutrition and fasting are big topics that are much discussed nowadays and are getting more and more attention. Numerous studies, books, and opinions try to give answers and recommendations. There are also ecological aspects that need to be considered. I personally prefer a plant-based wholefood diet, one that is preferably local, seasonal, and organic. Moreover, fasting and intermittent fasting have long been known to have many healing effects. Growing herbs, fruits and vegetables and collecting wild plants is fun and allows us to appreciate the food Mother Earth provides us with.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, one's individual constitution plays an important role in getting indicators about which foods you tolerate particularly well and which you tolerate less. Your current life situation is also taken into account. If, for example, you are already under pressure and stressed out, it is advisable to reduce or omit various foods in order to create a balance. Regardless of how you approach the topic of nutrition, I think it is important that everyone develops a good body awareness and feels what is good for them. In order to bring about salutary changes, it is also worth taking a look at consumption behaviour in general. In doing so, simple questions such as "What nourishes me?" or "What gets me down?" can help. I will be glad to address this in more detail during the consultations.

Disease as a symbol

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Many proverbs and sayings refer to physical, psychological, mental and emotional connections, such as "That upsets my stomach." or "This gets under my skin.". It's not about blaming something or someone (!), but rather about knowledge and wisdom that can be gained through the respective situations. Everything in life has a purpose, so to say. When interpreting situations, symptoms and diseases, a more comprehensive view or a change of perspective is often helpful in order to find solutions. This approach can be very powerful and support therapeutic measures to recognise and transform blocking situations, fears and limiting beliefs. In general, it is important to be very mindful here in order to avoid misunderstandings and not to fall into the trap of having to find an explanation or justification for everything. As nice as it is to understand, it also requires trust and humility that not everything can be understood and explained with our mind. Bliss is not an intellectual task, but rather an expression of love, trust, and devotion in the present moment.

Meditation and Yoga

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Meditation and yoga are wonderful tools for focusing on the here and now. There are many methods and instructions. Meditative states, for example, can be achieved in different ways. Instead of yoga, there are of course numerous other ways of keeping the body vital, on the one hand, and accepting it as it is, on the other. I personally enjoy a daily practice of "the five tibetans", Yin-Yoga and meditation to start the day. Especially with physical exercise, yoga and meditation I recommend that everyone explore what speaks to them in a playful and joyful manner. At the beginning, it may be helpful to try out different directions to get a feeling of what suits you and of course its also fun to try out new things. Here, too, I am happy to offer advice and guidance.

Sounds and music

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The physicist Nikola Tesla once said: "If you want to find the mysteries of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Sounds, singing, and music can touch us deeply and give us good vibrations in the truest sense of the word. The fact that vibrations and sounds influence matter is shown very impressively by so-called Chladni figures (sand patterns created on a metal plate that is made to vibrate) and photographs of water crystals that have previously been exposed to different sounds. Depending on which tones are played, different impressive geometric figures are created. There are also bee researchers who assume that the honeycomb patterns in hives are caused by vibration. When something sounds harmonious, we are in tune with that melody, and we resonate. This principle also probably partly explains the effect of the Indian mantras, the healing songs of the Amazon (Icaros), the rhythmic dances of Africa and many other sounds and melodies. Here, too, it is important with what intention these are sung and/or played. Music is like everything else in life: if it is practiced with love and joy, then it can touch our hearts. In this sense, sounds, music, singing and dancing have become increasingly important to me in recent years. They allow deeper access to levels beyond the mind. This is why I like to incorporate musical elements into my work with intuition. I also conduct guided singing bowl meditations; more information on these can be found under the "Offers" section.